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Re: Dumped a Squat Clean in a Globo Gym

Omar, you edit videos down through youtube. I was really hoping you'd drop the hell of that clean.

You need to go back and learn how to keep the bar closer and bring it to your thighs/hip.

Do this by rebooting your lifting patterns from the high hang/power position. Then lower to top of knee and back to high hang. With a shrug, high pull, etc. Focusing on getting the torso vertical before exploding.

Then bottom of knee.

Then from the floor with pauses at the positions or position clean (clean from knee, thigh, hip, etc ).

I like the Outlaw program in general but Elizabeth Akinwale and Rudy have both talked about the difference between their lifting programming and a WL program like Pendlay's. Way different amount of volume.
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