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Re: Trap Bar DeadLift Form

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
Hips high or low is more of your body style then a form style. In the videos you showed what they had in common is a good hip hinge/butt back. Ideally you want your hips to start where they add power to the lift. If you get your butt almost to the ground but when you start the deadlift your hips shoot up then engage, you might as well start higher up.

Google hip hinge for lifting. You want to load the hamstrings with a hip hinge and then drive your feet into the ground. If you start the lift by bending your knees first you'll lean too far forward and get out of position.
Now this sounds like some of the most sound advice I've gotten. In all the answers I've ever received about DeadLifts.
I went to Google as advised. (Work and family safe)

The above example I think shows a very simple way for me to understand what I'm suppose to be doing.

Next Saturday I will try this and we will see now it go's.
Yes and we will increase the weight in each set up, just a little each week.


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