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Re: Weight belts again

This is not directed only at Dan just wanted to throw some ideas out there.

It is a false assumption to think that using a belt will somehow make you weaker when not using a belt. I always think it's kind of silly when people say "I don't use a belt because I don't want to be weak when I don't have a belt around." It is my experience that this is never the case. As Bill said if your strength goes up using a belt you will see improvements in the same lifts without the belt. One caveat being that I think you need to "practice" without the belt so that you understand how to brace without it. My solution has been to hit warm up sets as high as comfortably possible without the belt and then put the belt on. Adding a belt in this way I have seen both my belted and un belted squat rise between 30-40 pounds in a year. I won't attribute this strictly to the magic of belts. I put a lot more work than usual into squatting in that time period. All I'm saying is using a belt did not make my non belted number stagnate or worsen. They rose right along with the belted numbers.

/ rant.