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Re: Stop Anthos from Taking over CrossFit

Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
Still sounds fishy. In the post you made, you urged members of affiliates to go onto the affiliate website and facebook to complain, WHY wouldn't you post this on the affiliates pages if they do have some say it what you're talking about?
If they "take over" and I don't cooperate, wouldn't we, as an affiliate be forced to cooperate?

Personally, if a company were to force me to run my business anyway other than our current agreement, within reason; I would just drop the CrossFit name, and continue with business as usual.

I've already posted on the Affiliate board on the same topic.

I agree with you. I think almost every Affiliate would just de-affiliate and walk away from "new ownership" looking to turn Affiliates into a globo-gyms. That's exactly what we are saying we would want you to do. Greg Glassman is fighting this with everything we have, but this is still a serious threat by a bunch of money-hungry VC types with law degrees. They are looking at you and all the other Affiliates like an untapped resource, not an independent business that will give them the middle finger if they win control. We both know what will really happen and the goal is to show them it's not going to be worth it for them.
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