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Jeremy Froley
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Saturday 060624

CFWU x 3


135 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

as demonstrated = 5:10

Then, front squat 135 x 30 reps ( about 5 min later)

Wasn't sure what to do on this one as the video clearly showed power cleans, but i thought we were supposed to do squat cleans. I know there was some discussion on this in the comments, but i figured what is good for those two beasts is good enough for me. Besides, i figured that they weren't going into a squat because the weight isn't very heavy. Object is to get it to your shoulders and if it's light enough to do so without a full squat, all the better. I also think the push jerk/split jerk argument is says clean and JERK. Any jerk works. And just to be clear, i did about 20 as split jerks and 10 as push jerks. I like them both. With the weight light like this, i tend to default to the push jerk, but when it gets heavy i go to a split...just what feels right. For good measure, i threw in 30 front squats with 135 lbs. afterwards.

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