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Re: SealFit??

Originally Posted by Zach Parsons View Post
Ok so I am resurecting this thread as we are looking at working a few SEAL Fit WODs into our regular schedule to give our athletes a bit of varity. I am new to this a few of our other coaches have a lot of experience.

Now my question is the same as the above, it reads to me that this should be split and you do the first section in the morning then go to work and after work come back to the gym and do the second WOD?

Is there a good site that explains the thoughts behind this training? I checked out and it really didn't have a good starting spot i.e. a breakdown of what it is all about.

I used to sealfit rx'd for quite a while before switching to strength-focused training so I can say that trying to fit a few fully RX'd days into a Crossfit gym's schedule is a risky thing. There is an insane amount of volume (normal Crossfit workouts are usually the warm-up) and they take an average of 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Anyhow, the site has everything you need to see how to split it up. Most of us would just do it in one go (helps to build up mental toughness) but plenty of people, due to work or other reasons, did AM: warm-up, strength, stamina. PM: work capacity, durability.

Not sure what you're talking about RE the philosophy behind it considering the site does have a breakdown of what it's all about: (wfs)

But essentially it's a training program for people who love pain. The thoughts behind it are you are a badass mother****er and/or training for some sort of spec ops or other military/'industrial athlete' type job. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot. But be careful because once you start sealfitting it's hard to let go.

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