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Re: Get Rx'd Guillotine

Originally Posted by Eric Blodgett View Post
I just got my 8 foot guillotine rack. It is a great rack for the money. I am 6'4" 210 lbs and the rack is very stable when doing pullups. One thing i like is the plate storage on the back side. Throw some bumper plates down and the rack doesn't move. Assembly is simple. The only issue i had was the same as already posted. The reinforcement steel plates for the outside of the pullup bars are drilled a little small for the bolts. This is a quick fix if you own a drill. The holes aren't off by much. I didn't even think about using the spotter arms and dip horns for nuetral pullups...thanks for the idea. I am using this rack in my garage gym and very pleased.
very much for the review Eric. Awesome to hear you're enjoying it! The holes being too small on the steel plates have been fixed. Sorry again to you and everyone else that got the batch with that issue.

Originally Posted by Eddie Dimaguila View Post
Ordered mine last week. Hope to get it soon and I'll do a quick review of it and post it up as well.
We're excited to hear what you think Eddie!
Our Guillotine also weighs 160LBs and if you look closely how we designed the upright to connect to the base, it has little to no movement when kipping or t2b (WFS)

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