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Re: My Midlife Crisis

Today I finished 9 rounds of Cindy, as Rx'd. A new PR!

I didn't even use an assist machine on the pullups, like I did the last three rounds on June 12, 2010 when I finished eight rounds. Am I imagining things, or has my metcon and pullup performance objectively improved? I have to say, I am very happy, since those areas are a special challenge to me.

Cindy has to epitomize the CrossFit challenge. If I described the workout to someone who had never tried it, they would scoff and reply, "Ha! That's child's play. I could do a hundred of those in twenty minutes!" But, oh, is it deceptively hard. Also, it uses the bare minimum of equipment to create pure torture. A classic CrossFit exercise.

I actually had forty seconds to go when I finished the ninth round, but I was just too far gone to continue. My next goal will be ten.

I finally finished my trial, thank goodness. Now I can go back to sleeping, eating and working out.
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