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Re: My Midlife Crisis

Originally Posted by Benjamin R. Greene View Post
Helen, I will give some thought to that. But I really don't feel out of breath, I feel my heart beating so fast it feels like it is about to jump clean out of my chest.

I completely identify with this description you give regarding your heart rate. When I first started CF nearly two years ago, mine would climb to between 150 - 160 BPM. My theoretical maximum was perhaps 164 give or take and that bothered me more than shortness of breath. When I got back into things in February of this year after my four month break, my HR got up to 180 (or close to it) once. But I was fighting a respiratory infection at the time. Again though, my main problem was (and to an extent still is) the opposite of yours....I run out of breath. Is a stress EKG in order for you? Perhaps. I think Bob's suggestion that you have things checked might not be a bad idea, but you know your body well and will make the appropriate decision.

Originally Posted by Benjamin R. Greene View Post
I am involved in a big murder trial, so I am too burned out for full on workouts. I am just messing around a little in my home gym until I feel energetic enough to tackle the real deal again.

Today, I did 12 ring dips for a new PR. That is a big improvement from when I started in March of this year, when I just couldn't do even one ring dip, no matter how hard I tried.

Out comes the PR dancing pepper!
Props on the ring dip PR! That's huge! They are soooooo hard and it is so rewarding when one can knock 'em out like that!

Best wishes on the murder trial. You are wise to just chill while you are dealing with that case! Simple, light workouts are the WODs of choice if you do anything, while you have the stress of the trial. Take care.

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