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Regionals > Movement Standards

I would just like to say I am super glad that we here in Southern Africa has a chance to see guys like Australia go at it first, a little bit more time and information has never hurt anyone.

Sure, we are not a force like the American athletes but we all have to start somewhere and it has really been fun to be able to take part in the Open qualifier and now the Regionals as part of our team.

Interesting Movement Standard Requirements that I have not dealt with before but I am green as grass.


There will be two 45lb competition plates stacked together. Athletes will face the plates. The bottom of the burpee has the athlete face down with the chest and thighs touching the ground. There is no requirement for how they stand up. The athlete must then jump from two feet and land on top of the plates with two feet (the entire foot on the plates is recommended but not required). The top of the movement is the athlete standing on plates with the hips and knees fully open. Reaching full extension only in the air is not permitted. This is the same as the top of the box jump in Workout 3.

Wishing all the competitive athletes only the best. Specifically Miranda, Kristen and Annie
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