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Re: Form Critique Squat/Press/Power Clean

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
And with press, I looks to me to be more of a shoulder flexibility thing than anything else. But make sure you are not pushing your abs out against the belt, you still want to be flexing them by pulling them in. If you push out against the belt it will feel great at the bottom, but with your arms overhead your waist narrows and the belt will get looser, this will cause a lot of instability if you are relying on the belt by pushing your abs out into it.
That is actually a very interesting point, I never really thought about that. I tighten the same way I do with squat, take a deep breath and flex my abs. I'll experiment.

Another note on press, what is the standard? Is the touch and go that I do ok? Keeps the momentum going similar to bench press, but its also harder to breath than resting at the bottom of each rep. Pressing every rep from dead stop though is also difficult.

As far as the squat, how much do you think I should reset if I transition to low bar?

As far as the shoulder flexibility issue, I have noticed my shoulders getting tighter with all the pressing/benching I've been doing on this program. About a week ago I started doing some shoulder dislocations, but perhaps that isn't enough.
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