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Re: Form Critique Squat/Press/Power Clean

Originally Posted by Michael Loucas View Post
1) Haha, actually lifting shoes are next on my list. Like I stated I just bought the belt, so once I have some extra money I'm definitely looking into buying a pair of shoes. I had so many problems with econ bumpers from muscledriver that I decided to just spring for some decent ones from Rogue. Aren't lifting shoes mainly used for olympic lifts and front squats? I never really heard of anyone really back squatting with weight lifting shoes, though I could be wrong.

2) And yeah, I never really thought about it, I was going to probably switch to low bar squat if I started to stall with high bar. Maybe I'll make that transition sooner if it will help my form.

3) I didn't think I was really hyperextending my back too bad, maybe a little bit on my final reps, but I'll definitely look into tightening my core more to try to straighten. Breathing becomes tough when you're tightening with weight overhead.

4) Yeah as far as the power cleans, I think the problem with not receiving the bar on my shoulders has to do with the fact that the weight is too light. Normally with higher weight (Above 185 or so) my receiving position looks much better, just my feet land all over. I'm sure that once I fix my landing position and get back up to the weight I used to do that will look better.

Thanks for the input man,

Weightlifting shoes are for all kinds of squats, except sumo-stance powerlifting squats. There has been a ton of discussion on this, if you search around you can probably find some threads on it. I know I personally have posted numerous times on the topic

Transitioning from high bar to low bar is really not something you can just do trivially. While similar, the movement pattern is different enough that they require specific work to develop. If you were to switch to low bar you would have to drop weight and work back up developing the specific mechanics for that lift. So don't expect to just go from one to the other without problem.

And with press, I looks to me to be more of a shoulder flexibility thing than anything else. But make sure you are not pushing your abs out against the belt, you still want to be flexing them by pulling them in. If you push out against the belt it will feel great at the bottom, but with your arms overhead your waist narrows and the belt will get looser, this will cause a lot of instability if you are relying on the belt by pushing your abs out into it.
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