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Re: Form Critique Squat/Press/Power Clean

The only way I can really get into a good pulling position, is to start on my toes and flatten my feet, it gets my butt as low as possible while keeping my back straight. The only reason I roll is to get the bar closer to my chins once I flatten back onto my feet. Another issue I think I have is I'm a bit duck footed. Its not just for lifting, its how I walk too and I'm not sure if I can even fix that.

Yeah the main reason I dropped to 155 is because at the higher weights, my feet would be wide as hell and land all over the place. I'm still having a similar issue I guess, I actually put some electrical tape down around where I want my feet to be in my starting position and landing position. Its kind of hard to aim where to land when pulling weight. Perhaps a drop in weight will help.

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