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Re: Form Critique Squat/Press/Power Clean

Aight, let me hit you with what I see.

You mentioned that you were having lower back pain. I think that you could really reduce that (even without the use of a belt) if you switch up your squatting form. You now are using the high bar back squat, you should definitely switch up to the low bar, as Rippetoe prescribes. It will take a lot of strain off your lower back and probably help you to get heavier weights up. Not only that, but it will make it a lot easier to get below parallel, thus working ALL the muscles that should be worked, not biasing the quads or neglecting the adductors.

Your weights are definitely looking heavy, which is great. You need to get your clean form fixed though. I would drop all the way down to below 100 and really focusing on keeping your feet in the same place when you shrug the bar up. Not that it is bad to move your feet out a bit, but your moving them out really far... and you need to stop doing that set up in the beginning. Get your feet set, stop rolling the bar when you're about to lift. It's not gonna help you at all.

Your press isn't too bad. Just watch how far you push your back backward. Brace your back and abs before you lift. Everything stays strong, core, shoulders, etc..

Really work to fix the power clean though.
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