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Form Critique Squat/Press/Power Clean


Been crossfitting about a year and a half, but before that I just did normal weight lifting. I got some gains but nothing compared to what I got from crossfit, and now Starting Strength.

I've had many form issues since I started squatting (and deadlifting, but thats for next week) about 18 months ago with crossfit. I don't follow the main site, I'd alternate strength days and metcon days, and only squatted at most once a week. (but usually once every 9-10 days)

My legs have been lacking pretty severely in strength, and I think it really hurt my metcons so I decided to begin starting strength. When I started, my 5 rep squat was 245, now its up to 295, and I'm going for 300 on Sunday. (Also traded 4 lbs of bodyweight for 50 lbs on 5 rep squat. Fair trade in my opinion)

I never used a belt either until I started on this program. My lower back started bothering me (I had a bit of a butt wink). I've since worked on the butt wink issue and purchased a belt once my squat was at about 275x5. The pain has gotten SO much better, but it still bothers me a little bit on warmups. Since then I've been gaining pretty nicely, I can't wait to test my 1 rep max on all these lifts after I'm done with Starting Strength. Gonna probably stick with it until I stop making significant gains, then go back to Crossfit.

In the meantime, is there anything you guys could suggest for improvement on form for any of these lifts? Any kind of feedback (brutal or otherwise) is greatly appreciated.

Squat: 5-5-4 @ 295
Press: 5-5-4 @ 160
Power Clean: 3-3-3-3-3 @ 155 (I was at 205, but my form was lacking so I dropped the weight to work on it)

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