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Re: $40 per month, unlimited access, no training

I can see a number of huge problems with this.
1. you will see huge rates of injury - I cannot imagine how you will work out insurance. When these people get hurt, you have poisoned the well. These people will have bad things to say about you.
2. Your equipment will get trashed, as noted above.
3. You will have little to no control over the gym culture. It may turn into a typical gym meat market, which will chase off a lot of females. It may turn into a parade of firebreathers, if you're lucky, but that will chase people off too.
4. You will have to get some many people in as members at $40 a month that it will constantly create bottlenecks. You'll be constantly buying more equipment. When you're a bar short and someone can't work out, expect them to be ****ed. They came in thinking they could show up whenever they wanted.
5. Results will vary hugely, due to lack of coaching, and retention will vary just as much.

I think the overarching problem here , is this: you could have 50 clients at $200 a month or 200 clients at $50 a month. Which is the gym you actually want to manage? I'm finding ways to offer more value and charge more, not less. If you think your market area will not support this, look at what Iron tribe has done in Birmingham, AL ( not exactly known for wealth). They are charging enviable rates and growing like a weed.
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