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Bob Pratt
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i've been doing crossfit for 18 months now and used to post my times regularly for the WOD.
Now it seems that the comments area of the WOD is choked with inane questions or irrelavent comments. Take Yesterday (7-13-07) the first 10 posts are a waste of space.

Yes the video is sweet it usually is that's why they post it....

No we don't do bench press often, there is a reason....

1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps means seven sets of single reps....

If you'll look closely the WOD page it does not say to post questions/ stupid complaints / workouts unrelated to the WOD / or anything else in the comments area it asks for times or weights.

Please use the message board for questions/ comments and leave the comments section of the WOD for weights and/or times.

with 300+ people posting unrelated stuff it's getting absurd.

Sorry for the rant....

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