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bad back pain from iliopsoas

so for quite a while now ive been having some really bad low back pain. not normal pain either, pain is similar to muscle soreness but i cant seem to find a comfortable position at all.
at first i was afraid i had screwed up my lumbar area in some way.
However, due to the fact that all the pain is confined to the origins of the Iliacus and Psoas-
seen here
-i am just about positive that inflammation and tightness in these muscles is the source of my problems.
after consulting my Applied Kines. book i found a few ways to stretch it out, which did WONDERS for the pain.

however my questions are this.

1. is this common?

2. what the heck can i do to get it to stop!
i know for a fact that its holding me back. i do my own programing, and as such have mentally had to start making sure i still include exercises that may aggravate this pain.
exercises that seem to aggravate it the worst:
Steep Grade runs
all of these greatly involve hip flexors, whether as a stabilizer or main mover.
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