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Re: Elbow injury while doing bench press

Originally Posted by Chris Scott View Post
Hi everyone,

I've been doing SS now for about six weeks. Last bench workout, during the work sets (at 175) the inside of my left elbow started hurting. It wasn't unbearable, but it definitely got my attention. It was gone by an hour after the workout. Today was bench day again, and it started hurting during the warmup set at 135 (180 was the scheduled work sets today). Very much feels like the descriptions of golfer's elbow.

Two questions:
1. Does this indicate a form problem? Seems pretty light for me to be getting hurt, although I do remember some tweaks while rock climbing a long time ago.

2. Does anyone have specific advice beyond Rippetoe's injury sticky?

Thanks everyone.
Sounds like typical tendonitis. If it's just sore. ice it, take advil, and rest it. Plain and simple.

I'm seriously anti-bench seeing as I just had to have my pec tendon reattached to my humerus because i ruptured it while doing SS bench. It has nothing to do with SS. It was a fluke. But I'll never get on a bench again. Push ups for ever. Trust me, it's a bee-otch of an injury.

Without knowing more about your situation, it sounds like inflamation. If it's poping or slipping, that could be a totally different matter.
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