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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Luke Searra View Post
Confirmed Rhabdo. Friends kidneys are fine , liver might be in trouble.
Does this mean permanent muscle loss!? What kind of rehabilitation is done??? What diet should be adhered to???
Advice much appreciated
Sorry to hear about your friend. I wish a speedy recovery. Can you give any more details as to how it happened so we can try to avoid it in the future?
Originally Posted by Thomas Green View Post
Damn. After reading stories like this and your articles, I'm still mind boggled that HQ encourages jokes about this.
What do you mean "HQ encourages jokes about this"?
Originally Posted by Brian Strump View Post
Exactly the reason why "Pukie the Clown" will not be found on our website, or t-shirt ever.
What does Pukie have to do with rhabdo?
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