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Re: Odd nausia/vomiting long after workout.

I have never heard of consistent nausea/vomiting several hours after a heavy workout. Usually exercise-induced GI upset occurs within a relatively short time period afterwards.

From the history given, it is extremely hard to come up with anything that fits well. The first things I would think of have been mentioned already: pregnancy and psychosomatic.

Exercise-associated intestinal ischemia is a very remote possibility, though that usually manifests as abdominal pain and diarrhea since it most commonly affects the large intestine, and only after prolonged exercise (think marathon). Nausea and vomiting is typically associated with stomach and small intestine problems.

I would suggest your client see her physician and possibly get to a GI specialist. If at any point she develops bloody emesis or blood in stool, get to an emergency room immediately.
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