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Oh my GUYS please beach and water solution or Mat cleaner clean mats let air dry. MRSA is what you need to watch out for

Here is what I use for my wrestlers at my school I know it may be over kill but if your running a facility you need to CYA

Following the guidelines below will reduce the potential for contracting a communicable disease:
• All wrestlers should shower with soap and water immediately following practices or competitions before leaving athletic area.
• All clothes worn during practice and competition should be washed daily.
• All towels should be washed daily.
• Athletes should carefully and thoroughly inspect all areas of their bodies for lesions or signs of skin disorders twice daily. This includes the entire scalp area.
• Lesions that are identified during self-inspection are to be brought to the immediate attention of the coach and the school’s certified athletic trainer.
• Athletes should bring any questionable lesions on fellow wrestlers to the immediate attention of their coaches and their schools’ certified athletic trainers.
• No wrestler should participate in practice or competition with any skin infection until it is diagnosed, and determined non contagious, by a physician.

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