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Re: CrossFit affiliate lawsuit against Steven Devor, Michael Smith, and NSCA

Originally Posted by Russell Berger View Post
I agree with some of your points, but the Devor study is actually guilty of something worse than failing to define basic terms. Of the participants who failed to show up to re-test, the study claims that

“Out of the original 54 participants, a total of 43 (23 males, 20 females) fully completed the training program and returned for follow up testing. Of the 11 subjects who dropped out of the training program, two cited time concerns with the remaining nine subjects (16% of total recruited subjects) citing overuse or injury for failing to complete the program and finish follow up testing.”

Unfortunately, not a single person out of the 11 was contacted by anyone from OSU, and none of them were injured. This means that the only explanation for these specifics in the data is fabrication on the part of the authors.
The whole thing seamed fabricated from the get go, intent on discrediting Crossfit.
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