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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Thomas Green View Post
Oh stop already. That is just ridiculous.

We can all thank goodness for the SUSAN KOMAN FOUNDATION when it comes to Cancer. Or MDA for Muscular Dystrophy. THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY. THE SALVATION ARMY. Are you really saying that Crossfit is to Rhabdo what the American Cancer Society is to Cancer?
No, clearly, I'm not saying that. Read carefully: Nobody heard of exercise induced rhabdo before CF publicized it. Cancer is a real concern, rhabdo is an overblown gimmick, now used to criticize CF. Get a crush or burn injury, get rhabdo and die, get exercise induced rhabdo rehydrate and rest for a couple of days and get back to work. That's what the evidence says. And you'd probably get it from a marathon or boot camp and wouldn't know what it is. CF advertised the risk of rhabdo, and is now some knid of leading cause of it. Bull****, run along now, you can now apparently hang out a performance menu and *** if you want to complain about the evils of CF, I hear there's plenty of room there.
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