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Re: Rhabdo... 4 days after Rhabdo. URGENT

Originally Posted by Marcus Allen View Post
Doesn't that go for pretty much all the MP WODs?

I just don't get te philosophy that says HQ has to warn everybody about the WODs. Look at the videos, this stuff is hard. I understand that there may be an issue with GHD sit ups specifically, but I've never had one personally, or directly observed it.

Too much of anything will F up some part of you. Kipping pull ups, squats, box jumps, whatever.

You can't out document stupid behavior.
The issue with GHDs is that you won't feel any soreness or muscle failure as you're doing them--you may feel fine as you finish rep 100, but then be crippled the next day. Now if you posted a workout that was 3 rounds of 10x225 squats and 30 pullups, many people are either going to have to scale the weight down or use assistance because they're going to hit muscle failure and be unable to push it far enough to injure themselves. No one is going to get rhabdo from 50 (or even 500, probably) box jumps or air squats, they'll just be sore the next day. And high rep pullups aren't typically a rhabdo risk unless someone is doing jumping pullups and resisting on the way down.

What would be wrong with posting a "hey, if you haven't built up to this volume, don't do 5 rounds of 30 GHD situps today unless you want rhabdo" footnote at the bottom of a posting like Mr. Joshua? What's with the mindset that "we're tough, we do workouts that can put you in the hospital"? It's ok to throw warnings out there--it's called basic risk management. If I allowed my Marines to do a workout with 100 GHD situps and ended up putting a few of them in the hospital, I'd be relieved (and probably court-martialed) for negligence.

Originally Posted by Lee A Koboroff View Post
Would a simple solution be to program GHD situps in smaller numbers and perhaps more frequently? Or do we actually need to do 100+ at a time to see benefits?
Yes, whether it's in workouts or in telling someone that it would be a good idea to do 10-20 a day as part of their warmups, either of those would fix it.
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