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Re: Help: Lead up to crossfit comp.

Originally Posted by Damian Garozzo View Post
Hi guys,

My name is Damian, I'm 25yrs old, 65kg, 180cm... (don't know if its relevant, but I assume all info helps!)

I'm partaking in a local crossfit comp in 4 days, and have had a week off due to the flu.

I'm still not 100%, but I'm keen to get back into the gym to train for the event so I can register the best time possible!!

The WOD is:

7min amrap.:

7 pull ups
7 toes to bar
7 push ups
7 air squats

I want to be able to program this next 4 days smartly, so what do you suggest I focus my time on?
(knowing full well that I cannot perform a miracle in that time..)

My weakness is definately upper body strength; (Pull Ups: 5-7 rep max.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

If your comp is 4 days away, stay away from stuff that is going to smoke parts of your body. Thus, high rep squats, high rep pull ups, high rep.. anything..

You're not going to add any strength the next 4 days. I suggest skill work you're not good at mixed into metcons that will give you a good lung workout to prep for competition nerves.
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