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About 3-4 weeks ago while doing "Diane" I noticed a tweak in my left side lower back while doing the deadlifts. The days following it was extremely sore and I could barely bend over to put on my socks/tie shoes, etc. Over the last several weeks the back felt better (although still more soreness than normal--especially in the mornings--and I did notice some slight tingling down my left leg which I've never felt before), and I was able to do the WODs intensely. Well, feeling somewhat better, I attempted the CF Total today to "test" the back. The squats and press went fine, but while warming up for the deadlift I noticed the same tweak in my back and now the same pain afterwards. I've never had any serious back injuries/pain in the past (other than normal soreness after heavy DLs that goes away in a few days), so I'm unsure of what I've done? Any ideas on what I may have done to my back and ways to care for it going forward? I read some of the other posts on this board relating to bulging discs, etc and it looked like there are many home remedies that are helpful. Just not sure what constitutes a serious enough injury to seek medical attention? For the most part it seems as if I can still do the WOD, just heavy DLs are out for the time being. Also, by way of note, I have had several knowledgable folks observe my DL form in the past and seem to think I'm doing okay in that regard. Thanks for any feedback.
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