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Camille Lore
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Re: 3 really jacked discs in lower back, now what?

Some disc injuries can't be rehabbed and do require surgery.
We have a surgeon here in Madison, WI who works on professional football and hockey players and sends players back to starting positions within 3-6 months of surgery. In fact, he chews athletes out if they don't return full force to their sport competitively after he clears them. He says they only have a 3% recurrence rate, which is the same risk anyone has of injuring a disc.

Best of luck to you. A disc injury isn't the end of the world, fortunately. I know a Master's judo player who was picked for the olympic team and actually has a fusion. She still competes.

PM me if you are looking for any support. Had a close family member just go through all of this as an athlete, and it is rough mentally.
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