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Re: 3 really jacked discs in lower back, now what?

Originally Posted by Gaines DuVall View Post
All of my doctors, but one, are saying that my discs are so severely herniated that treatment wont help and I need surgery. My L5 is completely f'ed!

I have had two neck surgeries from college football injuries and really want to heal without surgery.

What sucks, is I LOVED crossfit. But the reality is that all the overhead lifting, deadlifts, & oly lifting were huge contributors to this problem. And yes, I have great form on those lifts.

Just curious if anyone else has had a similar back problem and continues to crossfit, maybe just cutting out the powerlifts & oly lifts?

With that thinking, you should hate football since it's 10x more likely that these injuries are a result of 10-15 years of playing a sport with repetitive high velocity collisions than CrossFit. You could have had this problems for years, and not had any pain. You'd be amazed what people are walking around with, and have little to no complaints of pain.
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