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Re: LOVE watching the games, BUT.......

I've also thought of some sort of break point for wall balls where if you break the plane (sensor, lasers, I dont know) then a light goes off specifying that you've reached the 10ft mark and a rep was counted.

On that note, why not at least more spectator friendly. Digital scoring, signs or some way of identifying the rep/round a competitor is on. The small flip card labeled 21, 15 and 9 wasn't bad but there was an event where the scoring was 2014 or something. I know it was adding up 700m bike and front squat or whatever was going on but it wasn't very efficient.

A christmas tree of lights for a drag race (that starting tower thing) can do wonders if there is some imagination and creativity. I know its in its infancy but we are talking about a quarter of a million dollars to the winner.

My wife watched some events and I asked my son to watch a few but as outsiders to Crossfit - at least my son, he was turned off as opposed to some Olympic events (I know comparisons are far away still) because he couldn't follow who was "winning". Whether it was on screen prompts, commentators, or whatever - If you didn't know "Fran" you couldn't follow to well for a pro sport..

For it to grow to ESPN the channel or any stage - which can include larger prize money and the financial ability for crossfitters to train exclusively as an athlete it needs mass appeal. Of course I'm only speaking for the games. As a fitness movement if you want to call it that, I'm fine with it being a garage friendly, community driven thing.

Even the final event for men and women was off. Some started standing and had to strap into the rower, others started on it. There's definitely a reason why guys like Stuart Scott and the TNT NBA crew announce things. It flows well. From the spectators point of view it was bleh. Awesome events and amazing athletes but what about an interview with Mikko Salo if he was willing after Event 1? He was a huge draw for me as I've followed his training through any video over the last year. Then he's gone with rumors for 2 days and I haven't seen him since. At least to see what his thoughts are, to hear him say he would be back and training harder than ever. How do you have the Lakers in the NBA finals and Kobe gets possibly hurt and goes to locker 1st quarter and then no follow up on his status. I'm not comparing but in the world of Crossfit - he is that big of a deal. Was there a necessity for the 'satellite' link on the games.crossfit site? It never worked for me.

I'm just ranting now but you've sparked some thoughts on improvements as they move forward and try and put the competition aspect of the game into the category of pro sports. And I'm not questioning the athletes as "athletes". Crossfit and the top guys are legit, no doubt. I'm talking about how I relate it to my mother...
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