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Re: The Wolverines Log

Wednesday 04.13.11
ME Overhead Press


Matched last weeks PR. Struggled for a longer period of time on the 175 though. 165 went up like butter.

Assistance Work
Sitting DB Shoulder Press @ 40lbs
Weighted Ring Pushups w/ rings 4" below feet height and w/ 30lb
2x10, 4, then 11 unweighted
Bent Over Row @ 145
Weighted Abmat Situps w/ 45lb DB

Tried to go up in weight for assistance. The 40lbs was a bit of a challenge. Though there's a chance it may have been 45. I did an extra set in order to keep volume the same. Also on the ring pushups the silly weight belt came undone and dropped the weight so I just cranked out a bunch at bodyweight to finish it. I'm starting to miss regular CF workouts now. Wondering if I'll stick this conjugate system out for the full 9 weeks or not.
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