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Re: The Wolverines Log

Thursday was off. Got a little sick an basically didn't eat for a day. Glad it went away fast though especially with all the new numbers I'm hitting. Wrote 2 exams in the past two days. 2 more to go.

Friday 04.15.11
Gymnastics Warmup
5 Sets:
3 L-pullup
2 Wide Grip bar Muscle Up
3 Sets:
4 Wall Handstand Back Raise
12s L-Sit Hold

On the handstand back raises I had to kick my feet off the ground to get some momentum going. On the way down I would try to drop my legs slow and controlled.

Olympic Lifting Day
Power Snatch: 10x2 @ 75% with 60s rest between sets.
150lbs for all sets.
Power C&J: 10x2 @ 75% with 60s rest between sets.
190lbs for all sets.

Love Olympic lifting. So does my body. I can feel it when I don't do it weekly. We'll see how one day a week plays out for it. I may add another day depending on how I feel. I also may add squats in on this day. I didn't do any today because I'm hitting Open WOD 11.4 tomorrow at Prairie CF. Wanted to save the legs. So looking forward to tomorrow.
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