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Re: Why Didn't I Start A Log Earlier? Greg Fischers Log in Fort Worth

Originally Posted by Jeff R Tucker View Post
We are proud to have you here Greg! You keep up the good work my man!


Jeff, Thanks man. Great gym. Great Staff. I promise I'll bring some people to a Saturday workout soon...

Originally Posted by Greg Privitera View Post

pretty low calorie intake for someone your size, no?

Yea, definately lower than I would normally consume. I am really trying to get rid of the extra weight I gained while injured. The entire month of January I followed "The Jason Statham Workout" which is more or less a crossfit type metcon workout. I attribute most of my initial weight loss to this training. The weight is coming off slower while following WOD's. I figured I should post my diet on here too, so I'll start tomorrow. Definately planning on upping the calorie consumption once I reach the 185lb-195lb range. I checked out your blog, good insights...Thanks for the comments
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