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Why Didn't I Start A Log Earlier? Greg Fischers Log in Fort Worth

I am recovering from an injury that I will call "runner's knee" which basically means that my right knee swells up after long runs...I think it will subside soon as I have been building tremendous leg strength and hope that the new muscle will "shield" the cartilage from inflaming. Anyway, I started training at GSX (Crossfit / Gymnastics Gym) in Fort Worth, TX on January 29th. I do the WOD as well as assorted Warmups and Post WOD add ons. Sports - snowboarding, soccer, basketball, wakeboarding? (trying it out this year since I no longer live near the mountains), also wanting to buy a bike ( I live 2.5 miles from the base so I figure I can commute some days)

5' 11"
25 Years Old

216 # body weight on January 7th
204 # today, February 13th.

Goal is 190 # by Saint Patty's Day, after I reach this weight it won't matter to me so long as the scale never says 200 until I'm at least 50 years old.

I have been averaging 1500 calories daily and been trying to get myself in the Zone. I have been eating more fruits/veggies and lean meats. Trying my damndest to stay away from freezer meals and canned meals. Also trying to minimize carb intake in the afternoon/evening.

I am active duty in the Navy for 2 more years, and I am also a licensed Texas Realtor. Married with 2 Cats.

Enough background info...
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