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John Frazer
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Pullup breakdown was about usual for me -- think I got 7 on the first set of the first round, then spurts of 2-4 after that. I concentrated on getting back on the bar ASAP, which I think made a difference. I'd be surprised if I ever took more than 15 secs. between sets.

Funny thing is that the hardest part is usually the 2nd and especially 3rd run -- I get tightness in my chest, very hard to breathe and such. Not today.

Also I usually have to break the 2nd & 3rd sets of swings. Today I took maybe 5 secs. for an extra breath or two, about 3/4 of the way through the 3rd set.

Tom -- When you get the bar in, I'm just taking Saturdays off because no body part will be safe.

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