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I have tried to contact several people individually, but wanted to put something up here also.

We just had two days of drizzling rain. Late yesterday it turned into sleet. Everything is pretty much solid ice right now.

So, nothing is leaving here. No shipping out for the last day and a half, nothing leaving today, and nothing leaving monday.

There are multiple orders that need to be shipped, even a couple of replacement bars that people are waiting for that should have gone out yesterday.

I apologize for the delay, but with freezing rain coming down and ice everywhere nothing is moving.

Even if I had gotten them on the UPS truck yesterday, they wouldnt have made it to the Mesquite distribution center, Dallas DPS has shut down the roads into Dallas last night and this morning. Justin Brimhall and Karen are sitting in a car right now in Bellevue on their way to the airport, and the Highway Partrol just told them it will be at least 8 hours before they permit them to continue on to Dallas, so they are turning around and He will miss his flight back to NMU for school.

Again, apologies to everyone. But orders that should have been shipped thursday and friday or today are not leaving till this all clears up, weather people expect it will be over Tue or Wed. And they dont know how to sand or salt roads or otherwise take care of ice here in Texas, so untill it warms up, this will continue.

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