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Re: 2017 Games thread

Originally Posted by Vic McQuaide View Post
Who's going to win.. can anyone beat Matt F, CF Mayhem, Katrin?

Everyone's going to be Run/Swim/Run.. anyone at this level can't swim or can't make it.. all the masters are going to swim also.. about time right?

Any db/dip fast complexes?

Madison.. flop or will it be great?
I think Matt has this one again this year, i do not see any real challengers.

I am really hoping Sara takes it this year, she is so happy all of the time and now that she is at Mayhem working out, Rich has given her some of his secrets

Teams... Mayhem must be the favorite and i believe Rich has made the whole team work on their weak spots.

When it comes to Madison..... the athletes make the games and give it the vibe and the fans will be as crazy as usual. Watching the games on youtube won't make any difference to us

Maybe the weather is different at this time of year compared to the old venue which may make a difference for everyone.

I am looking forward to it.......
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