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Re: Going in for my mri!

Well if this a workers comp thing and they are ordering the MRI. You can't deviate from what they are doing. If you choose to deviate from their care standards, then you risk the works claim being denied. Meaning, if you are forced to leave your job because of the injury, you may not be able to get disability pay from your employer, or if you need surgery, there will be a serious finger pointing as to who foots the bill... Workers comp, medical ins.... Or you since the claim was denied. Or if you cannot do your job anymore, and your not protected by workers comp, your employer can terminate you on the premise of not being able to perform within your job description. If your protected, then your employer has to either find you a job that you can do or retrain you.

Iam not going to speculate what is the source of your problems, or how to correct it. ... Sorry it's workers comp.
What you could try, is ask your workers comp md, to script you therapeutic massage to break up some of muscular tension that you maybe having to improve medication function. But they have to sign off on it. If not , don't go out an do it on your own. Seriously, don't jack around with it.
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