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exertion headache... :(

got my first exertion headache christmas eve morning performing hang snatch. to start things off...i had been at a wedding all weekend which consisted of drinking, staying up late, when i returned home and worked out monday morning, i was most like dehydrated to a degree. Secondly, on my last set of hang snatch which was high reps ( i think 20 ) i was doing to much weight and could tell my form was lacking, but i pressed on for some dumb reason. All of a sudden BANG! headache hits and i was forced to quit the workout. that was i rested till today which is wednesday...thinking i would be ok. did a moderate set of deadlift today..fine untill the last set, felt the headache creep back so i quit.

my main questions long should i rest and what has proven to be helpful with these? i want to be able to go balls to the wall again without always having the thougth of a migrain lurking in the bacj of my mind.
i realize there are other threads on this but wanted some fresh info. any help would be much appreciated.
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