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Re: Controlling your ego and your drive?

Agree with many others here. Normally I can easily get through a warmup @ our box, do the strength/skill portion, and then do the WOD. For example, yesterday's warmup was:

30 walking lunges with 50# kettlebells
25 pushups
20 wallballs
15 Abmat situps
10 burpees
5 10-second thrusters @ 115#

The strength portion was 3x3 squats at 70%, 80% and 90% of our 3RM.

The workout itself was:

8 HPCs (Hang power cleans) @ 165#/115#
6 HPCs
50 pushups
50 DUs
6 HPCs
8 HPCs

On a normal day, I'd be gassed after the WOD. YESTERDAY...following a week of colds and the like I was gassed after the freaking WARMUP. So I scaled the heck out of my squats (my 3RM is something like 265 or so - I scaled down to 185) and still felt like crap.

I did go on to do the WOD, but again scaled (e.g., piked box pushups for the HSPUs, squats for the hang power cleans, and rowing for the double unders), and a day later, feeling like crud, I know I made the right choice.

The beauty of it is that our coaches get to know us so obviously they're going to know if you really ARE that gassed or if you're self-defeating and need some motivation.
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