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Re: Competition PED's question

Originally Posted by Alex Burden View Post
Jimmy that's a good question...

If that was me and I knew I could reach regionals and possibly the games I would contact CF HQ.

I suppose if you go from low level to normal testosterone levels then there should not be a problem, but if you are above normal then you would have a problem.

The testosterone type should not be on the WADA list of prohibited substances.
Ten four. I dont have anything to worry about as far as getting that far in (at this time) but never know going forward.

I personally take 400/mg a month of test cyp, which I am sure is on the banned list, however blood test shows it raised my level from 160 to 229. With normal ranges 800-1200.

Was really just thinking after I listedned to the Dan Bailey podcast and the subject came up
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