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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Saturday- travelled to Ventura for my mothers 75th birthday party. Took the train up the coast. A trip with a 1 year old is not a trip.


Sunday went to a gym called CrossFit Vent. Good hammie and shoulder rehab.

Rope climbs- did about 5 reps. My right forearm pulled a bit. Had to do some extra recovery and healing on this one. The rest of the day.

4 rounds not for time but move fast
10 aa bike cal
10 wall balls 20#
10 bar power cleans and clean pulls

20 min
5 power cleans 185#
10 ghd sit ups
15 AA bike cal
7 rounds even.

Happy that the cleans got better each round. I really need to remember to activate my fast elbows.

Cool down then back to the family bd weekend.


Monday- good long warm up.
We did some tgu with a plate, bunch of shoulder mobility, wrist.

Thrusters 4 seconds down, explode up and pause 1 second at top
Strict pull ups

Each rep takes about 6 seconds. Was hard to keep with the movement.
Took 9:20 ish.

Blood restrictive exercises on the high thigh. Wowa that hurts something fierce.

Took the train back home. The sleep was rough. Gracen woke up about every 45 min the first nite and every hour the 2nd nite. Was good to get home so I could sleep. Got about 8 hours feel much better.
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