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Re: Total Knee Replacement

Have two replaced hips/tears in tendons in achilles and some labrum damage in left shopulder - my experience/lessons learned from Crossfit:

Things I should have done better from the beginning: worked more on range of motion/scaled workouts more/not be locked into 3 on 1 off (should have listened to body more and adjusted schedule vice rigid with 3/1)

- Flexibility/range of motion to where it starts to hurt (let pain be your guide) are paramount.

- Hard to throw pride a side sometimes when you want to crush a workout, but best to give it a rest when your body is giving you indicators to not go.

Not a doc, nor medical professional, would heed the advice of your Doc/PT BUT, factor in the expertise of this board. Have found Mr Steve Lowe's information beneficial.

Hope this helps sir. God Bless
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