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Re: Shane's Wrestling Strength CF Log

Had a kind of frustrating day at the Hook Grip Classic at Liberty Barbell in Philadelphia. They put on a great event, I just didn't perform quite like I wanted to.

100 (F), 100x1, 105 (F)

Just like last time timing of the warm ups was a little touch and go. Took two attempts at 40, 50, 60, and 70. Took a third attempt at 80 just because the bar had a little bit of extra time available. One at 90. Two at 95 because things bogged down a little and I just wanted to make sure.

Regardless I walked out on the platform feeling perfectly ready and promptly threw my opener behind me. Second attempt was good. Jumped backward on the last one and didn't bring the bar with me.

I need to stop jumping backwards when I snatch.

Clean and Jerk
130x1, 133 (F), 133x1

133 was a meet PR clean and jerk albeit a smaller one than I was looking for. Warm ups here were better time and volume wise since I had a better sense of how fast things were moving. Took lifts at 70, 90, 100, 110, 120, and 125 with no issues.

The miss at 133 set me to my butt which I was not very happy about.

Total: 233 KG (3/6)

Meet PR total by 3 KG, I have another meet in a little over a month so I have four weeks to train hard, and a week to taper before I lock myself in my garage while I'm coaching wrestling.
28/5'9"/190/Squat 207 KG/Press 89 KG/Deadlift 220 KG/Snatch 111 KG/C&J 140 KG/Log
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