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Re: beginner crossfit WFS scaled versions of the daily WOD's.

This is a pretty common question that comes up. Did you try a forum search?


Pullup bar and rings. Hang the rings off the bar and do lots of rows besides pushups, etc.

A kettlebell is nice. Dumbbells are good too but they a DB swing isn't the same as a KB swing.

Cheap barbell and iron plates. Bumpers sure are nice as is a decent bar but it's ok to start out with a set from the local sports store or Walmart or online. Making some squat stands can be done or you can be a cheaper set of stands or join a globo gym to go in and do stuff like squats and overhead presses and deadlifts.


Shoes. You can run in a pair of cons or trainers. Kind of depends if you embark on the minimalist route. I would caution gradually working yourself into it being that you are a big guy.

A timer though you can get good apps for tablets or a smart phone. A big clock works well if it does seconds.

If your budget is limited or space, get what you can make use of ya got. Search for a thread on Bodyweight workouts that covers BW WOD's.
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