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Re: Better To Rx And Lost, Then Never Rx'd Before?

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
It's not the time or score that's the the issue, it's the fact that if you're trying to go fast with too much weight you're a lot more likely to get hurt, develop bad habits on form, or best case be extremely sore the next day.

Using a metcon as an attempt to get stronger is generally a bad idea. Use strength work to get stronger and metcons to work on conditioning. It's hard to improve conditioning if the weight is too much for you to move it fairly quickly and consistently with minimal rest.

makes total sense..this is what i am looking for --clarity

i was trying to use wod to get stronger/bigger rather than better at conditioning and overall stamina..i like this explanation a lot, separating the conditioning to wod and strength training to other times.

thanks again
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