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Re: Better To Rx And Lost, Then Never Rx'd Before?

I RX everything I can safely do and don't worry about time on the things I can't

When we hit the WOD with 315 lbs for the rx dead lift for 12,9,6 I lower the weight. 315 is close to my 5 rep max and form starts to drop if I try to 'race' through this

I'd rather do 275 or so and do it with good form AND speed

I had to do singles before I could do double unders

There is a difference between pushing ourselves and risking injury over a time that really doesn't matter.

Now if your box offers $1000 for the best time for each RX WOD then perhaps the risk has a value, but while I enjoy beating others I won't sacrifice my wellness for it

Of course if I made it to the finals I'd give all she's got captain!
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