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Re: Can you gain serious mass on Crossfit?

One of my friends went on CrossFit about 3 months ago. We weighed him in at 128lbs at 5'10. Which is quite light and underweight. His diet hasn't been phenomenal, but he has been putting in significantly more calories than he has in the past. In 12 weeks he has gained 22lbs or so, and is still going steady. The first month and a half he gained exceptionally fast and then it slowed.

I can only estimate at his bodyfat percentage, but I would have to say that it has stayed about the same. The weight is going on in the right places.

So doing only CrossFit style workouts, he has gained over 1.8lbs per week in addition to achieving many milestones. He went from not being able to do a bodyweight dip or pullup to being able to chain on 70lbs for a dip and 35lbs for a pullup, or rep out significantly with bodyweight only. In addition, his squat went from 70lbs to 160lbs, and on and on with the personal bests.

He hasn't been avoiding run workouts or anything like that. If I could get the guy to eat a better diet, I would imagine that his gains would be even greater. I'll put him on a SS cycle if his strength gains on CF stop, but so far, so good.
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