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Re: Training for Middle School Football

have you checked out crossfit kids? that's sort of their bread and butter is kids like your son. also lots of ideas for games and such to make it fun.

as for strength, pushups and pullups are a good start. you might also look into a local gymnastics program or wrestling club. great ways to build strength.

for the speed, agility, and coordination, there is no substitute for just working on those skills. get him sprinting, doing agility work, jumping, running, etc. depending on what position he is likely to play then work on those skills as part of the workout. pass routes, catching, throwing, quick feet, etc. even if you don't follow CFFB weight lifting, there are many good skills and drills you can use. lots of other sources on the web for young football players skills and drills as well.

would also strongly recommend talking with the coaches. they can give you a good idea of what they do so that you can prepare and plan.

lastly, i will say to ask your son what he would like to do. if he wants to do it and thinks its fun you then it's much more likely to be successful. and offer to do it with him, or find friends to do it with him, or both.
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