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Training for Middle School Football

This is a question a little off the beaten path in here.

Well, my son is going to play middle school football. He is 12 and weighs a pretty solid 126. He is a powerful kid, but if I feel like his major weakness is speed, agility and coordination. I feel like he is certainly too young to start the kind of lifting program advocated in crossfit football - but I don't think he is too young to get involved in some form of strength training.

I have read a ton about this subject and the prevailing theory seems to be to keep children away from heavier weights until they are finished growing - or are at least 15-16. I am looking for resources to develop an off season / on season program for him that will help his coordination and will enhance his football specific strength and agility.

I am open to suggestions of websites, books and any other information anyone can provide.

I would like to try to find something that will be fun for him and not a grind. I want the training to be a good experience for him. Frankly, I don't really care if he continues on with FB in the future, but I want him to see the positive benefits of exercise / training.

Thank you in advance.
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